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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thanks Bethe! For my Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

My Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Oh my goodness I'm blushing....can't you tell?  I've been given the sweetest ever award fro, Bethe at "Daily Journey Blog" that you will be happy and blessed to have checked out.....our blogs came together from another sweet dear Lady Miss Jenny....with her wondrous blog fun free for all... Saturday Centus!  ...another blog worth checking out!

With this wonderful gift comes rules.....of course, where I must tell you seven things about Me!  ...Then I may offer this award to seven other lucky blogs.....which this will be tough....and I have been nearly pulling out my hairs...and thinking choosing straws would be best....but never the end will be seven other Irresistibly Sweet as ever blogs....awarded!

1.  I am a gigantic fan of romantic movies but I'm hooked on flicks like
 Unstoppable.....already watched two times and still can't sit still    through it!

2.  I secretly dream of being a paid "Travel Writer"

3.  Someday I hope to live by the seaside.......

4.  Long to go .... ride horses....on a cool summer evening...

5. Wishing for a house with a wide wrap-around porch by the sea.....

6.  Wondering why Minnesota can't have more days in the summer?

7.  Pledging to myself to enjoy 10 new and exciting things to do for the next winter approaching far too soon....

The awards go to:

!. Carol at

2. Bob S.

3. Cloudia

4. Laura

5. AbizzyMiss

6. Judie

7. Christine

Oh my I hope you all enjoy your award as much as I do...thanks again this award came to her all the way from Ireland, as she shared it with me and now I share it with you..... Enjoy!


Judie said...

Hey, you sweet thing! Thanks for the award. Actually, you and I have a lot in common! We just watched Unstoppable last night!!!

I,too, have a secret desire to live near the ocean, and so does Rod. Right now, however, I am glad that we are safe here in the desert with that hurricane far away from us. I love the idea of a wraparound porch overlooking the ocean!!

As you can see by my Robert Redford post, I love romantic movies. But one of my favorite movies is The Hunt for Red October. I also love almost any movie with Denzel Washington, obviously.

I will be posting 7 things about myself soon.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

(oh no...blogger blunder! i just clicked on post comment and there was some kind of blogger edit failure....oh, poo!)

congrats on your SWEETEST award! you deserve it! thanks for telling us MORE about YOU...i can go along with a number of those myself!!

i wish i could see...or better yet, feel...the winter approaching HERE! ugh! it's way too hot & muggy!

(thanks for the mention! i really appreciate it!)
and when you cut that strawberry (uh, cheesecake, i me a sliver!) :)

Cloudia said...

I want to thank the academy LOL!

Seriously, thanks for the nod!

1. I've lived on a boat for 20 years now!
2. no one knows I'm moving soon!
3. cut back on sugar.
4.drink 100% juice.
5. REIKI changed my life.
6. my real age is cloudy....heh heh.
7. time to go!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

/ )

carol l mckenna said...

Oh ~ you are a sweetheart ~ Thanks so much for the Blog Award ~ treasure it ~ will post for Thursday ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ( A Creative Harbor)

Karen S. said...

Judie you are welcome and so deserving of it! We too own The Hunt For Red October! Enjoy your day too!

Karen S. said...

Laura you are welcome and may the cool late summer breeze find's coming our way too!..I'm actually having fresh strawberries in a whipped frosting on an angel food cake tonight for my son's Birthday!

Karen S. said...

Cloudia- ..and the Academy thanks you too for being here and sharing such lovely views... thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world, wow, I've thought how lovely living on a boat could be....we spent a good time on a houseboat once....but once summer ended....well it gets kind of frozen around here.....! Enjoy your day!

Karen S. said...

Carol and Artmusedog - A Creative Harbor, which you certainly do share with your lovely blog and such and adorable sweet pea of a doggie too! Enjoy your day!

Snowcatcher said...

Congratulations! It was fun learning a little more about you, too!

Galen Pearl said...

So fun to learn more about you. I, too, could barely watch Unstoppable, even though I knew the ending! What a nailbiter! Congratulations on your well deserved award.