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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sepia Saturday 105 : Saturday 17 December 2011


                           Are you hungry for pie?   Well we can all give thanks to Alan, from Sepia Saturday who has decided to sweeten our posts, or perhaps leave us nestled with a pigeon or other blackbird recipe or two...with Sepia Saturday this week..... just check out his blog if you really want to behold some stunning pie be the judge, okay?

Meet Jean Halmond, on July 6th 1939, she is just putting on the finishing touches to a 30 pound cherry pie made especially for President Roosevelt in Washington, D.C.  - courtesy of the Library of Congress, in Washington, D.C.
Jean Halmond won the "Queen of Michigan's National Cherry Festival" that was held in Traverse City, Michigan in 1939.

Nothing makes a woman happier than...a finger licking yummy pie!  What better place to find delicious tasting pies than at the New Mexico Fair, at Pie Town, New Mexico of course. - Courtesy of Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. in October 1940.
and yes, there really is a town named,  Pie Town.

Here's a fun little youtube video from Taos to Pie Town, these days, good music, great views, and a cool little pie shop, "Pie-O-Neer" home of some tasty pies.  Even the Pie-O-Neer" has a few videos of it's own!

       Are you a camper or even a backyard grill-chef, who is craving a yummy cake/pie treat?  ...and want it quick?  Try a Cherry Ooh-La-la, - it's easy to prepare, take a slice of angel-food cake with cream cheese thinned just slightly with milk. Top with a spoonful of cherry pie filling. Wrap in foil and toast over coals.  Ooh-La-la ...good!

Meet Mary Mutz, from Moreno Valley, Colfax County, New Mexico.  This was taken in February of 1943, on the Mutz Ranch and Mary has just prepared an "Apple pie" for her family.

            My next two photos are also from the Mutz Ranch, in New Mexico during 1943, and also courtesy of the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.  It seems I'm not the only person who found much interest in the Mutz family and their ranch.  A visit to the Library of Congress photo collection shows a great many photos taken on their ranch. 

                         I first found Mary's photo exceptionally interesting with a pretty Mary busy at work in her kitchen, living somewhere in the great southwest, on a ranch even, and can you believe it, in 1943 she's wearing jeans in her photo! 

Here is Mary again, as she washes the dishes and other family members help dry and put them away.  The children seem to be busy playing some sort of game don't you think?
                   There were other photos from the ranch, even showing many of their farm animals, but this one photo explained as "Looking west" just seems to complete a day at the Mutz Ranch for me.  What do you think?

Oh yes, this is one of those lovely old time photos that I think if only it were in does appear that there may be snow on the mountains....what a lovely spot to romp around and raise a family.
If you want a bit more color too, and want a real good look around what some call the Crown Jewel of New Mexico, then check out this youtube's an amazing place.

So if you're still a bit hungry for more Sepia Saturday delicious posts then please go here


Little Nell said...

A thoroughly enjoyable post Karen, Those pictures of real life on the ranch are great. Fancy there being a Pie Town - I bet people love posting postcards from there!

Alan Burnett said...

A peach pie of a post. That first pie looks enormous - I wonder of you would work out the circumference of it by using the formula pie are squared!

Bob Scotney said...

I've just gone pie-eyed over your post Karen.

21 Wits said...

Little Nell, I know, it's funny but I learn so much through this Sepia saturday adventure, it's just wonderful. Now after seeing a youtube clip of Pie Town and that cafe (they have a few clips of their own) I have that pie shop and that town on my list to visit!

21 Wits said...

Alan, I know we all gave thanks a few posts back for our 100th posting of your Sepia Saturday, but I want to take a special moment again, to thank you and all the other fellow Sepia Saturday bloggers that just make this so much fun...sure we learn, but it's a far better experience than one can know (and I have a few other blogger friends that don't play along with us) but they just love reading and seeing all our Sepia Posts! More than most any other blog I play along with. SO THANK YOU Alan and all SEPIA bloggers, it's a great ride we take together!

21 Wits said...

Bob, Thanks, cuz I really got all souped up and ready to fly high when I read your lovely post as well!

Postcardy said...

I wonder what Roosevelt thought of that pie. It reminded me of the rhyme about "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" and set before the king.

Christine H. said...

I would love to have a slice of that pie, the big one that is. As for the Mutz family, that looks like a wonderful existence. It must have been a great place to grow up.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It looks like everything happens in New Mexico! I can't resist a pie, any pie, so Pie Town sounds my sort of place.

JJ said...

I try not to get carried away during the holidays. Today, I had to choose between Sepia Saturday and lunch. This post was worth it!

Tattered and Lost said...

That first image looks like it should be from an old I Love Lucy episode. An entire episode could have been built around the lady with her pie.

Tattered and Lost said...

That first image looks like it should be from an old I Love Lucy episode. An entire episode could have been built around the lady with her pie.

Liz Stratton said...

Pie Town! I'll definitely add pie town to my list of places to visit next time I'm in NM. First a stop at The Owl Bar for their famous green chili burger then top it off with a slice of pie in Pie Town (several hours apart though). Hmmm .... maybe just have pie for dinner on another day.

21 Wits said...

JJ- I am honored that you chose Sepia Saturday! But I too just love stepping back in life with manners and style and so much bliss....I hope you had a marvelous dinner, and maybe a slice of pie too? ;)

21 Wits said...

Tattered and Lost, exactly, Lucy could even stomp blueberries or cherries for a pie too...I totally see Lucy there too! That's so funny!

21 Wits said...

Liz, me too, that green chili burger does sound delicious with something really cold and possibly a bit sweet to drink with (and put the fire out!)!!!

Bruno Laliberté said...

I want that big cherry pie. Me luvs cherry pie!!

Season's greetings, my dear!!