Wayzata, Minnesota

Monday, March 8, 2021

Still Skiing

What a wonderful day, with 57 degrees and skiing is still excellent! It's truly one of the gifts of living in Minnesota. It can still be winter on the calendar, with snow on the ski slopes and light jacket weather. No more frozen tundra. For now at least! 

Paradise doesn't have to be tropical!

Say yes to new adventures!

Fresh air and recreation improving lives one activity at a time.

Skiing is a dance, and the mountains always lead.

"We gather wisdom through every experience in this body, we expand our consciousness, and we continuously recreate ourselves." Premlatha Rajkumar

Friends joining can make your experience all the better, but so does alone time, it comforts us in another way.

"Our self-development is all about conquering and recreating ourselves." Sunday Adelaja

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

Amelia Earhart.

No matter what adventure you seek, just keep moving forward.

Thank you for stopping in your visits are very special.


Take good care of you.


Jeanie said...

I've never been a fan of skiing but for those who are, it sounds like the perfect spot to be!

Elephant's Child said...

Have a heap of fun. I learned that I ski fastest on my face, and have stepped aside.

Linda said...

The ski season usually ends abruptly here in Virginia, when a few warm days are followed by a few rainy days.

eileeninmd said...


Looks like a fun day. I have never tried skiing.
Take care, enjoy your day!

Jeff said...

I thought I might get to ski this winter, as there are resorts within an 1.5 hour drive, but didn't :(. Glad you had fun. That looks like the hills in MI, where my daughter learned.

RedPat said...

Spring skiing! I haven't skied in years!

William Kendall said...

Good shots! I'm not fond of downhill skiing, but I like cross country, and I've had some time out with it this winter.

magiceye said...

Good to see activities resuming.