Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Artistically Speaking Birds To Love

"Without struggle, success has no value." Aaron Lauritsen

and if you can share it with a friend, especially those furry friends, even better.

"Refuse to be average, Let your heart soar as high as it will."

A.W. Tozer

Misty and Dash say it's that time again for Saturday's Critters.

 Welcome to another


and a jaunt about town and a few photos from our great Minnesota State Fair. I hope you enjoy, especially any conversations you might have with any pigeon, or other bird you might possibly meet along the way. I'm also posting to City Daily Photo.

Of course, all Dragons know how to play chess.

Man, or bird? Or both?

Did you know that books on pigeons are quite popular?

"You wouldn't walk with your underpants stuck in your bottom; you'd adjust them. So don't treat life like ill-fitting wondering underpants, adjust it to be comfortable again."

E.E.D. Horton, From Conversations with a Pigeon

another great pigeon book to check out.

Sweet Artemis, happiest and most quietly content road companion.

"No matter what you do if it isn't genuine, it's not worth doing, if it isn't meant with good heart, it's not worth saying, and if it's a darkness around you perhaps it's not worth remembering."

E.E.D. Horton

"In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence."

Robert Lynd 

For the love of birds, and cows of course.

One of my favorite critters at the fair!

Egg Coffee and Roasted Corn on the Cob my two top favorites.

yes, in that order too!

"Life is an ear of corn waiting to get stuck in your teeth, unless of course you don't have any teeth, or very few, then it's still darn tasty!"

"The days on which one has been the most inquisitive are among the days on which one has been happiest."

Robert Lynd

"It's in those quiet little towns, at the edge of the world, that you will find the salt of the earth people who make you feel right at home."
Aaron Lauritsen

Thanks for stopping by and know how much I enjoy your comments.

Take good care of you.

From Pigeon Forge 

more to follow in another post.

Enjoy your weekend and all of your adventures.


eileeninmd said...

The state fair sounds like a fun time. Love your sweet furbabies, Misty, Dash and Artemis are all adorable. The artsy critters are cool looking too. I really like the Stained glass herons, it is beautiful. Wonderful post, quotes and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Getting to go to the state fair is special! I always loved going in NC. Love your photos and quotes! Lots of interesting things to see today!

Elephant's Child said...

As always thanks for the smiles, the beauty, the whimsy.
I am pretty certain that dragons invented chess.

William Kendall said...

Those dogs are sweeties.

RedPat said...

I always enjoy the trips your posts take us on, Karen. Love that first plaque with the bunny & the bird.

21 Wits said...

Thanks for hosting Saturday’s Critters and your comment here too! Our day began on a scary looking rain storm but finally the sun came to life, I hope your day is gorgeous too! I actually snapped a few photos of a live heron today, bonus!

21 Wits said...

Thank you, and I bet NC has a wonderful fair too! Seems to be the thing for folks to attend!

21 Wits said...

I believe they did too, as dragons are extremely wise and resourceful 😉

21 Wits said...

That bunny on the bird is gorgeous, so filled with whimsy 😉

Cloudia said...

I love your animals and your whole attitude!

The days on which one has been the most inquisitive are among the days on which one has been happiest."

Robert Lynd

That's everyday!

Andree said...

Our county fair just closed. I think. But it's nothing like yours. That is fun! You animal photos are awesome. BTW: I've read two pigeon books and have another on my to-read list. I have no idea why! But mostly it is because of the extinct passenger pigeons. Great information.

Jenny Woolf said...

My goodness, some amazing pictures! I found the bird man the creepiest, and the big ox the funniest. I'd love to go to a state fair, I am not sure we have them here, although we have something called COunty fairs which sound slightly similar.