Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Awaken the Artist

Posting today for City Daily Photo.

A few thoughts on waking the artist within us.

 Make visible what,

without you, might perhaps

never have been seen.

Robert Bresson

No matter how manty times I visit the

Minneapolis Art Museum

and many items remain still

there's always something new that refreshes my soul. 

"There is a magic and mystery in art that you know nothing of."

 Bernard Shaw

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." Pablo Picasso

"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life." 

Pablo Picasso 

"You use a glass mirror to see your face;
you use works of art to see your soul."
George Bernard Shaw

Thank you for your visit.
Take good care of you.


William Kendall said...

Art is uplifting when it's at its best.

Elephant's Child said...

Art (and artists) are a very generous gift aren't they? I believe that Nature is the very best of artists though. Her galleries and her colour palette are unmatched.

Jeff said...

It appears to be a nice museum. I have only been in Minneapolis once--for a week and it was busy as I was supposedly working. Actually, twice (not counting changing planes at the airport). On one occasion, my westward flight was cancelled and I was put up at a hotel by the huge mall--which I got to see for about 30 minutes before it closed... One day I would love to spend more time there.

eileeninmd said...

It has been awhile since I have been in a museum. I enjoyed your visit and the art.
Love the inspiring quotes. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

Debbie said...

art, of any kind, always lifts my spirits. i love the picasso quote!!