Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Twin Cities Fest

No matter what city

there's something waiting for everybody.

Have bike will travel.

If you're not desiring a stroll 

There's biking or running!

Monday doesn't need to be just a work day. You can close it with a little play.

and when those city lights come on, even better.

Every single day of our lives we should involve some time for work and time for play. When you do, regrets are few, if any, and your life becomes an enthusiastic success.

You can't stop the future. You can't rewind the past.

The only way to learn the secret is to press play.

Jay Asher

Window shopping,

It's where dreams are made.

Eyes wide open now.

What do you do at a long light?

Snap a shot.

You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours. Italo Calvino

What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need to do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters. Charles Baudelaire

Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something.
 Climb a tree. Get dirty. Just, have some fun. 

There's something about arriving in new cities, (or your old familiar) wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I'm born to leave." Charlotte Eriksson

Cities are much like people, showing us their varying personalities hence some may be more favorable than others depending on our own likes and desires. 

For those that are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home. 

 Simon Van Booy

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Stay safe. Take good care of you. 


William Kendall said...

Good shots!

Elephant's Child said...

Play and fun are severely underrated aren't they? And essential.

RedPat said...

I love to wander in the city but right now it is difficult to feel safe in many places!

eileeninmd said...


Looks like you and your family had a fun time in the city.
I enjoyed the photos! Take care, enjoy your day!

Jeanie said...

I think I need to visit Minneapolis one day. I've heard the city has so much to offer and this only reinforces that feeling.