Wayzata, Minnesota

Friday, June 18, 2021

A No Contact Lunch

To rejuvenate I enjoy treating myself to a city lunch as anyone who works with the pubic a lot understands the necessity of this! Park my car, begin walking, sightseeing and most especially smell the flowers before choosing a place to eat. It's relaxing to observe in a rhythm and flow that focuses on the little stuff we often overlook.

Posting for City Daily Photo  and the Present Moment!

It was an ordinary day, but I'll remember it amazingly different.

 If you walk in joy, happiness is close behind. Todd Stocker

Spend more time doing things that make you forget about time. Charlotte Eriksson

A building's architecture is a visual art and each building as a story within them from creaking floorboards to creative stonework and solid bricks representing years of being a part of the community. Like this once upon a time Fire Station is now an art gallery and cafe.

Call it walking meditation or a neighborhood stroll; by whatever name suits you, rediscover the art of meandering. Gina Greenlee

I find comfort in the rhythm of walking and observing.

Be motivated and unstoppable in your journey 
even if it's just around the corner. Carry on. Watch. Listen. 
It's the greatest skill you'll ever own.

Dear World, I am excited to be alive in you and I'm thankful for another year. 

Charlotte Erkisson

This life is what you make it. Or plant it. If you imagine it,
it becomes real.

I'll never stop appreciating anything with wheels.

Well the decision for lunch was easy, feed your taste buds, knowingly.

Time and time again I eat at The Grocer's Table as often as I can. They create soups I've possibly only dreamed of, and so far each one is incredibly delicious!

Awakened at midday
by the sound of the water jug
cracking from the ice.
Matsuo Basho and me.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
Virginia Woolf

Thanks for stopping in. Enjoy your weekend and adventures.

Take good care of you.


William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots, especially the flowers.

Elephant's Child said...

This speaks loudly to and for me. Thank you.

eileeninmd said...

I enjoyed your walk and photos.
You had wonderful observations, the flowers are lovely.
I like the sculpture is cool. Your lunch looks yummy.
Take care, have a happy weekend!

Jeff said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for taking us along on your exploration.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Wonderful post Karen. Always a pleasure to see beautiful old buildings being brought to life again and repurposed for current times. I agree with Charlotte, every new year is to be treasured and looked back on fondly. Excellent choice for lunch, especially if it was as good as looked 😉

Cloudia said...

You are 🦉 wise